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Brief Event

Friday, December 10, 2021

Transitioning to Online Group Therapy During This Pandemic

Presented by

Seamus Bhatt-Mackin, MD, FAPA, CGP, FAGPA

a CGPS Member and Past President

Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Center

A Message from the President

Groups, of course, are all over the place. Our families constitute a group, and our friends, coworkers and classmates as well. Even the folks with whom we share the checkout line or the highway are a group of sorts, however temporary and changeable. For almost all of us, life happens in, and because of, groups.

A CGPS weekend workshop gave me my first experience of the therapeutic power of group. Ever since, the more I’ve explored various types of intentional groups, the better I’ve come to understand my interactions in all areas of my life, past and present, in ways that have led to positive and lasting change.

I’m grateful to CGPS for introducing me to group as a path towards healing, and for supporting us all as we negotiate the interactions that make up our professional and personal lives. And I’m glad to have the opportunity, as President, to help CGPS in its mission to promote group as a professional modality, to inform our community about group’s potential, and to support the practitioners who are making it available.

If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll join us!


Peter Millis, LCSW

President, CGPS

Asheville, NC

Board of Directors


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"Internal Family Systems in Group Psychotherapy:

Your Parts, My Parts and the Self"

April, 2016

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What Others Are Saying

“I have found it to be rare for people in professional spaces to get into these types of conversations about group, personal, and professional growth. This is the only conference where you are invited to bring your whole self to the group process. The ability to engage and talk about what you’re learning in the moment – what is coming up for you and how it relates to others…it’s fantastic.”

- Agustina Vidal | Student and Returning workshop Attendee

“What I love about CGPS is the sense of belonging to a community and the relationships that result.  i met by best friend, Caroline, through CPGS, and she and I attended together for years.  She has since passed away.  I expressed some grief around Caroline’s passing during small group, and the group leader’s response was a moment of grace for me.  The facilitator had an ability to hone in on the g group or individual interpretation in a really powerful way.  The workshop is a training environment but you can’t not bring yourself to the process  And so there’s this opportunity to stretch and grow.”

- Jae Brainard • LCSW Multi-Year workshop attendee

“You get to learn on two levels. You have the more intellectual level in the academic, structured discussions. The speakers and training have been really good both times I have attended. And then you also participate in the unstructured process groups and experience the way those kinds of process groups work, which is really rich. I saw all the group dynamics going on in myself and in other people in the group. I had a group facilitator who made the small groups reflect the larger discussions, and that grew in me more of a gut level, internal awareness of group work. The people are incredibly warm and inviting, which really embodies the focus on group work. Inviting people into community is an important skill of facilitating group process, and it really shows at CGPS in the way people I have met have treated me.”

- John Craichy • LCSW - A two-time workshop attendee

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