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You may also download the CGPS Renewal Form and mail  with your check or money order.

Post my Groups On the Web Site

Coming soon, we hope to arrange so that  fully paid members can update and maintain their own groups listings on the CGPS website.

For now, if you wish to have your groups  posted to our web site, or if you wish to update your web site groups listed,  please CGPS Groups Publication Form for the form which must be either faxed or mailed to the address indicated on the form.

Review the Bylaws

CGPS ByLaws to review the bylaws

Read Board Meeting Minutes

Click HERE To Read Board Minutes.

Learn About Member Benefits

Coming soon will be member only sections to  the CGPS web site

In addition, click here to review the benefits to membership in CGPS.

Consider CGPS Member Volunteer  Opportunities

At the present time we are looking for  members willing to assist in the process of obtaining and maintaining CE’s for our annual events.  We need members from each of the major CE categories, or someone willing to assist with multiple or all CE categories that might apply to CGPS events.

In addition, click here to  review other ways you can volunteer to serve CGPS.

Need More Information?

For all other questions regarding Membership email: