CGPS relies on your contributions to fund our scholarship and discounted student rate efforts.
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Scholarships and Tuition Assistance.  It is a core value of CGPS to provide scholarships to support professional education and training of students and new group psychotherapy professionals who attend our annual training events.  We allow full time students to register at a nominal fee.  When possible, we also offer support to others who need tuition assistance. The student rates available for each event are posted in the respective hard copy and online brochures. The Workshop Coordinator for each event handles requests for scholarship and tuition assistance.  For more information during any workshop registration simply contact:

Whirligig Scholarship. CGPS will also soon begin to offer the Whirligig Scholarship in honor of our deceased Board Member and Treasurer Caroline Butts.  For inquiries or more information contact Joan Seiffert by emailing her at, or contact Russ Hopfenberg by emailing him at  

AGPA Scholarships & Awards. In addition, AGPA offers scholarships and research awards for its members, and sometimes for members of its affiliate organizations such as CGPS.  For more information on scholarships and awards offered through AGPA, visit their website at

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