Carolinas Group Psychotherapy Society offers free online support groups for members

(another great reason to be a member–click here to join for free)

Tuesday evenings, 7:30 to 8:30 PM

Our profession is built upon the idea that hearing and being heard are comforting and healing. And groups are a great place to share and process our feelings and experiences, to feel the benefits of community participation and connection.

As we all know, social upheaval and the pandemic are causing a lot of uncertainty, anxiety and grief in our communities, compounded by isolation and loneliness. Every day, in addition to experiencing it ourselves, we therapists work to help others manage it. At the same time, we’re expected to be masters of a technology and a way of relating that’s new to many of us. It’s a lot.

We all value connecting in person, but sometimes that’s not possible. To bridge that gap, CGPS is offering free online peer support group sessions to our membership, most Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 8:30 PM. This is a place where we can share ideas and resources, hear what’s going with each other and with CGPS, and talk about what’s going on in our professional and personal lives, all in the company of others who do what we do. No prior group experience is necessary—we hope attendees with limited experience of group will come away with a sense of its effectiveness. Groups are usually facilitated by CGPS President Peter Millis, LCSW.

If you are a CGPS member, and you’d like to attend, please email Peter Millis at president@carolinasgps to receive a new-each-week Zoom invitation. Just click on the link to join.

Current group understandings include:

— We start and end on time, and meetings are locked to new attendees after the first 10 minutes.

— Professional consultations are welcome, with the focus on the experience and countertransferential feelings of the therapist. Case presentations and discussions of specific interventions for specific clients should be saved for a different venue.

— Although they can be therapeutic, these support group sessions are not considered therapy, and although confidentiality about the content of our conversations is requested, it cannot be guaranteed.

We hope to see you there!