Carolinas Group Psychotherapy Society offers online pandemic community support groups for therapists
Fridays through May 29, 12:30 to 1:30 PM.

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 Sign-up for the May 29th meeting is now open.

Our profession is built upon the idea that hearing and being heard are comforting and healing. And groups are a great place to share and process our feelings and experiences, to feel the benefits of community participation and connection.

As we all know, there’s a lot of uncertainty, anxiety and grief out there these days, compounded by isolation and loneliness. Every day, in addition to experiencing it ourselves, we therapists work to help others manage it. At the same time, we’re expected to be masters of a technology and a way of relating that’s new to many of us, and that’s evolving even as I write this. It’s a lot.

Like all of us, I very much look forward to connecting again in person. But in the meantime, CGPS is offering free open online support group sessions to the community of therapists in our area (North and South Carolina). Led by four wonderful, highly-trained, experienced group leaders from our membership (bios and scheduled dates are below), this will be a place where we can talk about what’s going on in our professional and personal lives, in the company of others who do what we do. You do not have to be a member of CGPS to attend, and no prior group experience is necessary—we hope attendees with limited experience of group as a helping modality will come away with a sense of its effectiveness.

Each group is limited to ten attendees, on a first-come first-serve basis. Sign-up for the May 29th meeting is now open..

Although they can be therapeutic, these support group sessions are not considered therapy, and although confidentiality is requested, it cannot be guaranteed.

Please email me HERE to sign up ( I’ll email you back with a confirmation and a link to the meeting.

CGPS is an affiliate of the American Group Psychotherapy Association. Our members participate in our members-only online groups, listservs, and diversity discussions; and get big discounts to our workshops, information about group psychotherapy from across the country and around the world, and the knowledge that they’re part of a community that works to promote the healing power of group. Membership (good through 12/31) is FREE through the end of the year —please email our Membership Chair ( for more information about membership, or join online HERE

We look forward to being with you.


Peter Millis, LCSW
President – Carolinas Group Psychotherapy Society

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Our Group Leaders

Pamela Millis

May 1st and May 29th

Pamela Millis, LCMHC, CGP practices psychoanalytic psychotherapy and clinical supervision in Asheville, NC. Licensed in both North and South Carolina, Pamela specializes in psychodynamic group therapy for therapists and non-therapists. She has over ten years of group leadership experience and is a Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) with the American Group Psychotherapy Association.

Pamela’s extensive training and experience in Modern Psychoanalysis and group process constantly confirm the amazing power of group process. Group is a multi-dimensional social environment in which old feelings related to self and others are evoked, explored and transformed. Related character adaptations naturally loosen and give way to renewed emotional development. Psychodynamic group process helps people gain greater freedom, ease with themselves, and ability to enjoy and be nourished by intimate emotional connection with others.

Seamus Bhatt-Mackin

April 10th and May 8th

Seamus Bhatt-Mackin, MD, FAPA, CGP  is a staff psychiatrist, individual psychotherapist and group therapist at the Durham VA Medical Center and Associate Program Director of the Duke Psychiatry Residency Training program.

Dr. Bhatt-Mackin has been active in the Carolinas Group Psychotherapy Society (CGPS) for many years as a workshop small group leader, workshop presenter, program committee member, CGPS Board President and CGPS representative to the AGPA Affiliate Society Assembly. At present, he is on the steering committee of the American Psychiatric Association Psychotherapy Caucus and he is the founding director of the Program for Clinical Group Work at the VA Mid-Atlantic MIRECC (the only program or center focused on group therapy in the VA system). He is a clinician educator at Duke and the VA where he teaches on the topics of psychotherapy, group therapy, psychotherapy consultation groups and multicultural aspects of clinical care. He has started to write a bit, but that work takes time and effort! He lives in Durham, NC with his wife, daughter, and son, and their nine-week old puppy “Ukie” (Ukulele Shenanigan Bhatt-Mackin).

Larry Liebgold

April 17th and May 15th

Larry Liebgold, LCMHC, CGP is a lifelong learner who has seen and continues to see the power of groups as a support, and as a healing therapeutic modality. He’s been an individual, couples, and group therapist for over 15 years. His theoretical training is in Gestalt and Modern Analytic approaches to emotional and psychological well-being. He practices in the Charlotte, NC area.

Bob Dick

April 24th and May 22nd

Bob Dick, PhD, AC, CGP has been practicing in the Raleigh and Chapel Hill areas for about 50 years, and leading three weekly open ended therapy groups the past 35 years. His PhD is from UNC-CH, and his internship was at McLean Hospital/Harvard Med School. He’s gathered advanced training from many outstanding healers, including Milton Erickson, MD and John Gottman, PhD. He’s a Founding Member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association’s (AGPA’s) advanced training credential program, and he holds their Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) credential. He integrates Interpersonal [Yalom], informal CBT, Gestalt and hypnotic-mindfulness approaches in his work with individuals and couples, and he especially enjoys group therapy, because “it’s so lively, effective and efficient.”

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