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The American Group Psychotherapy Society (AGPA) is the parent organization of The Carolinas Group Psychotherapy Society (CGPS).  AGPA offers a wealth of information to the general public, and even more resources to its members.  Visit the AGPA website and its wealth of resources here:

AGPA E-Learning

AGPA Online Educational Opportunities – AGPA offers CE opportunities via online educational events and web downloads.  Check out the AGPA E-Learning opportunities at the link above.

Disaster Outreach

AGPA is a leading provider of disaster outreach resources and offers a wealth of information in this regard.  See the “Practices Resources” link on the AGPA homepage at the link above.

Certification as a Group Psychotherapist

CGPS periodically offers the 12 hour Core Course as part of the process leading to the Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) certification.
We also offer training events in which you can hone your skills. Check often under the website “Events” tab to view upcoming related training.

Read more about the CGP designation and certification process on the AGPA website here: