teddy-5Necessary Losses

Presented by David Hawkins MD, CGP, FAGPA

Workshop Theme
As we grow we encounter opportunities to move closer to ourselves and significant others, to be more and to love more. Since all choice involves loss, these important positive decisions may lead to unexpected feelings of sadness, even depression. When we do not understand the origin of these feelings and do not have support for experiencing them, we may retreat defensively and avoid this direction of growth in the future. On the other hand, understanding and support can help us tolerate the feelings of loss and allow us to continue along our developmental path.

This workshop will provide a didactic explanation of the process of necessary loss and clinical material to illustrate it. Our curiosity to explore how it is personally relevant will be invited, and we will work together, in large and small groups, to develop mutual support for our exploration.

Fall 2012 Workshop Brochure (pdf)

Fall 2012 Workshop Schedule (pdf)

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