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CGPS 2017 Spring Workshop

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Race, Sex, Power – The Triangle Of Shame

With Yoon Im Kane, LCSW

May 20-21, 2017

“Race, Sex + Power” is a two day didactic and experiential training group opportunity for therapists to grow as practitioners and leaders by learning to work powerfully and intentionally with themes of race, sex and power in their individual, couples and group therapy work.

In this training group, we’ll look at issues of race, sex, power, and shame. Members will gain here-and-now experience working with these feelings, their resistances to these feelings, and gain more experience and comfort with their own feelings of desire, attraction, shame, and power.

Designed for therapists to grow as practitioners and leaders by learning to work powerfully and intentionally with themes of race, sex, and power in their individual, couples, and group therapy work.  Methods will include didactic presentations and experiential group work.

About the Presenter:

We welcome Yoon Im Kane, LCSW, a former graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as our guest presenter. She augmented her studies with a postgraduate fellowship from Yale University and certification in group psychotherapy and Internal Family Systems therapy. She is also a founder and director of a private group psychotherapy practice in New York City and CEO of Everbliss, a platform for HIPAA secure tele-therapy. Learn more about our presenter at


At the end of the workshop participants will be able to do the following:

  1. Learn to facilitate a culture of open and progressive communication between group members
  2. Identify and learn techniques to work with negative feelings and displaced aggression
  3. Ethically apply these techniques to diverse group populations, in appreciation of age, nationality, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, ability, and religion
  4. Increase comfort and exploration of themes of race, sex, power, and shame in your work with clients
  5. Develop skills to create healthy discourse, vitality and aliveness in your work with clients
  6. Have increased knowledge about group dynamics and process by participating in the small groups and observing the behavior of the group, leader, and themselves
  7. Apply the principles learned in the didactic training to the understanding of one’s small group experience

Small Group Leaders:

What to expect in the experiential small groups (please read):

Our experiential small groups are really the heart of our workshops. We invite speakers to enhance our knowledge of topics that can be applied to group therapy. In these groups, members observe themselves in the process of being in a group and, though not designed to be a therapy or discussion group, therapeutic experiences tend to happen. The groups are non-directive; that is, the leader sets no agenda, but simply holds space for whatever arises. Group leaders have different styles, based on their theoretical orientations. While the topic of the workshop might surface or come to light in the group process, it is not explicitly related or formally connected to the small groups. The purpose of the small groups is to learn about the experience of being in a group, rather than focus on the workshop topic.

Experiential learning of group process is centered in the individual being a member of a group in which the group’s primary task is for the group to study itself. This means that each person is as responsible as the next for what happens, or does not happen, in that group. The group’s leader offers comments as to themes, elements, and dynamics they observe as the group works to develop itself.  How the group unfolds, how group norms are set for members, for whom and how leadership in the group emerges, what roles members take on, etc. are all part of group process. It is a unique opportunity for individuals to study not only how a group works, but also to learn about their own experience within an unfolding group and how members’ behavior and attitudes impact one another in a group. Participants are asked to be present for all of the small group meetings to the extent that is humanly possible.

  • Seamus Bhatt-Mackin, MD, CGP
  • Thomas Thorsheim, PhD, CGP
  • Moira Artigues MD, CGP
  • Joan Seiffert, LCSW, CGP
  • Susan Gale Orovitz, PhD, CGP

Workshop Timetable:

Saturday 8:30 – 5:15pm (Continental Breakfast, Lunch 12:00pm)
Sunday 8:30 – 5:00pm (Continental Breakfast, Lunch 11:45am)

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Workshop Fees:

$280 CGPS Member ($250 before May 6)
$115 CGPS Students ($85 before May 6)
$355 Non-Member ($325 before May 6)
$140 Non-Members Students ($110 before May 6)

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  • Cancellations received by May 6th will be refunded, less a $50 processing fee.
    After this time no refund will be given but, you may send a substitute.
    In either event please notify the registrar.
  • Some scholarship funds are available to CGPS members in cases of financial hardship. To apply contact the workshop coordinator:

Continuing Education:

This workshop is organized by Carolina’s Group Psychotherapy Society (CGPS) and provides 10-12 continuing education contact hours. CGPS is an affiliate society of the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA). We seek to promote and enhance skills in group therapy and organizational group dynamics while supporting professionals working to improve the mental health and interpersonal skills of persons in the Carolinas.

11.5 Category A contact hours will be available for psychologist for a fee of $15 to be paid at the workshop for those attended the full workshop.

Scholarship Fund:

CGPS relies on your contributions to fund our scholarship and discounted student rate efforts.
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Workshop Registrar:

Esther SwimWright Robie, LCSW

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