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CGPS 2017 Fall Workshop

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Emotional Availability in Group:
Expanding Capacity for Intimacy in Group Members and Leaders

With Jeffrey Hudson, M.Ed, LPC, CGP

Jeff Hudson’s group leadership is guided by a belief that our clients can unconsciously know what we are open to experiencing emotionally and what we are reluctant to experience. He is a strong proponent of group membership as a component of a therapist’s professional and personal growth.

As psychotherapists we routinely work with our patient’s availability for emotional engagement. Our success depends, in part, on our own emotional availability. During this workshop we will examine both the openness and resistance to emotional involvement in groups. We will discuss common sources of resistance for both members and leaders. As we deepen our understanding of resistance, we can more readily welcome both positive and negative transferences.

Additionally, we will explore Modern Psychoanalytic approaches to working with resistance, such as joining, emotional communication, and contact functioning.

The workshop will include experiential small groups and didactic presentations.

Saturday Didactic: “Enriching the Group Experience: A Focus on Emotional Availability”, “Five Principles of Modern Psychoanalytic Treatment”

Sunday Didactic: “Expanding the Capacity for Intimacy in Group Therapy”, “The Role of Acceptance in Effective Group Leadership”

Jeff is a group psychotherapist in private practice in Austin, Texas. He is a former President of the Austin Group Psychotherapy Society and has served two terms on its Board of Directors. He is also a Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA) and has served on the Board of the Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health since 2006. In 2007, Jeff co-founded AGPA’s first local committee to raise scholarships for the Annual Meeting. Jeff is currently in his second term as Vice Chairman of the Group Foundation.

A frequent presenter on group treatment at the local and national level, Jeff’s psychotherapy practice includes both solo and co-leadership of therapy and training groups, including a training group in Nashville, Tennessee. In his work with group therapists, Jeff is especially interested in the influence of personal history on group leadership.


At the end of the workshop participants will be able to do the following:

  1. Distinguish between objective and subjective countertransference reactions
  2. Define countertransference resistance
  3. List three common sources of countertransference resistance
  4. Define emotional availability
  5. Discuss the influence of personal history on the group leader’s emotional availability
  6. Name three patient fears that impede emotional intimacy
  7. Ethically apply these concepts to diverse group populations, in appreciation of age, nationality, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, ability, and religion
  8. Have increased knowledge of group dynamics and process by participating in the small groups and observing the behavior of the group, leader, and themselves
  9. Apply the principles learned in the didactic training to the understanding of one’s small group experience

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What to Expect in Experiential Small Groups

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November 11-12, 2017