Attendees: CGPS 2019 Fall Workshop Attendees, 29 people

I. Susan Orovitz, President opened the meeting

A. Networking: Susan encouraged everyone to continue networking with each other during the workshop, exchanging business cards and contact information.
B. Introductions: Susan introduced the board members and their roles.
C. Listsserv, Membership, Web Site, Social Media: Susan encouraged everyone to join the CGPS listserv (also know as CGPS Google Group), which is free and to become a member, a year of which is complimentary with their workshop registration. She encouraged everyone to check out our web site and social media presences.

II. Board Reports/Sharing

A. Joan Seiffert announced the 2020 Spring Workshop featuring Jeff Georgi in May, 2020.
B. Joan Seiffert, Nominations Committee Chair, explained her role and encouraged participants to join the board.
C. Susan Orovitz, President, introduced Peter Millis as the incoming President for the 2020-2021 year.
D. Peter Millis, incoming President, announced plans underway for the 2020 Fall Institute workshop.
E. Brian Clougherty, Membership/Marketing Committee Chair, invited anyone interested to join the Committee and explained that everyone who registered had complimentary memberships through the end of next year.
F. Susan told participants they can be on committees w/o joining the Board. And they can join others for one project w/o joining a committee. CGPS welcomes participation at any and every level.

III. Feedback for CGPS and this workshop
Susan invited feedback re: what participants want in a professional organization; how CGPS is working for them; and what would they like to see from CGPS.

  • Diversity:
  • Deborah Klinger suggested contacting Heather Branham and partner Steve (they) for Trans/LGBTQ ideas for workshops.
  • Sarah Hoffman noted there is a Facebook Page but not yet a Facebook Group Page.
  • Susan noted that since everyone is now a member, everyone can be listed on the membership page (i.e., listed in the Membership Directory, which all other members can see).
  • Patti Millar said folks are looking for a sense of belonging. But since she is not a psychotherapist herself, the name of the society feels like a barrier. She does organizational development and other groups.
  • Peter Millis noted the more experiential a program is, the more valuable [it is likely to be].
  • Laura Morrison asked if there are more networking opportunities besides workshops? Susan said yes, we have networking socials and are open to ideas. Susan invited Laura to work w/ CGPS to provide networking opportunities.
  • Jae Brainard announded a Social Dreaming group meets monthly on Sundays 5-7 PM. A description is on CGPS website.
  • Esther Swim-Wright suggested things we’ve done in the past:
    – Movie Night
    – Socials

Social Media:

Google Group – Click Here
Website –
Facebook – Click Here
LinkedIn – Click Here
CGPS is on Twitter @CGPSer
CGPS is on Instagram @cgps6

2019 Board Members:
Susan Orovitz, PhD, CGP – President
Peter Millis, LCSW – President-elect
Moira Artigues, MD, CGP, PLLC – Treasurer
Esther Swim-Wright, LCSW – Secretary (graphic designer/workshop registrar/historian)
Dan Darnell, PhD – Member at large
Russ Hopfenberg, PhD, CGP, FAGPA – Member at large
Frances Patton, LMFT, D.Min – Member at large
Derek Easley, MSW, LCSW – Member at large
Brian Clougherty, MA, MDiv, NCC, LPC – Membership/Marketing Chair
Joan C. Seiffert, LCSW, CGP, PLLC – Nominations Committee Chair