CGPS Board Meeting Summary – Saturday, September 8, 2018

Attending: Peter, Esther, Frances, Dan, Joan and Susan
Susan chaired meeting.

I. Reports

A. Treasurer – Moira
Suntrust- $6561.42
Vanguard – $3383.72, currently getting a 7% rate of return
B. Nominating Committee – Joan
Committee is in process. Peter to stay on Board; Frances to join the Board.
Looking for President-elect for 2019 and Membership Committee chair.
C. Membership/Marketing – Susan
1. Post Georgi survey will give us feedback re: marketing to continue to develop CGPS marketing  strategy.
2. Weekly marketing to Susan’s checklist; weekly email blasts, etc.
3. Please join listserv by clicking the link below.

II. Old Business/Action

Oct 12 and CoHousing Downtown Durham. Planning committee: Susan for CGPS; April Parker and Anne Jones for IASWG.
B. Asheville followup:
Derek sent Asheville social peeps. DONE.
C. Social Jukebox – Brian:
Drop this from marketing ideas.

III. New Business/Action

A. Increase Membership
Discussed at Program Committee meeting earlier today.
B. Scholarship Policy And Procedure:
Dan, Esther and a scholarship recipient will be committee. Brian C will be asked if he’d like to be the 3rd person on this committee. Dan to chair committee.
C. Workshop Checklist – Derek/Esther:
Working on it.
D. Marketing Checklist – Susan:
Completed. Will keep adjusting over time as more info is gathered.
E. Refocus CGPS to return to our mail goal and mission statement
Being relational, supporting, promoting and educating those interested group psychotherapy. See PC minutes for more info.

IV. Next meeting:
October 13, 2018 at Susan’s house.

V. Meeting Adjourned

Next meeting: September 8, 2018 at Susan’s house at 9:30am. PC then Board mtg.

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CGPS is on Twitter @CGPSer and LinkedIn

Board Members:
Susan Prez
Dan Past Prez
Moira Treasurer
Esther Secretary
Russ Member at large
Peter Member at large
Tom Member at large
Brian C: Volunteer

Derek PC Committee Chair
Esther: Workshop Coordinator
Steven S: Book Exchange
Members: Susan, Tom, Dan, Joan, Russ

Joan Nominations Committee Chair
Members: Derek

Steering Committee for Membership
Susan, Meg, Moira, Tom, Brian C

Steering Committee for Marketing
Susan, Esther, Dan, Derek(SRAHEC), Brian C