CGPS Board Meeting Summary – Saturday, March 10, 2018

Attending: Susan, Moira, Joan, Derek, Esther, Peter

Membership and Marketing was a focus of the meeting. A committee will contact lapsed members to encourage them to renew membership and participate in CGPS. We have 2 two day workshops planned for 2018. We are working on increasing our social media presence.

Asheville social will be Sat. 5/19 from 4-6. We will get an email invite out soon.

We are looking at revising our mission statement.

We are working with the ASA Nuts and Bolts committee to develop a connection with Atlanta GPS.

AGPA annual conference will be in Los Angeles, CA 2/25-3/2/2019

Next Board and Program Committee meeting is Sat. 4/14/18 from 10-12:30pm

Board Members:
Susan Prez
Dan Past Prez
Moira Treasurer
Derek PC Committee Chair
Esther Graphic Designer/Workshop Coordinator
Russ Member at large
Derek Program Committee Chair
Members: Susan, Tom, Dan, Joan, Russ
Joan Nominations Committee Chair
Members: Derek
Steering Committee for Membership
Members: Susan, Meg, Moira, Tom
Steering Committee for Marketing
Members: Susan, Esther, Dan(Mary Ka),
Derek (SRAHEC)
Pamela and Peter Asheville Social Committee Chairs
Members: Susan and Frances