CGPS Board Meeting Summary – Saturday, June 8, 2019

All 10 Board members attended.
  1. Decoder Ring formerly Fat Mouth Improv Group will be doing a 2 day Fall workshop. In planning stage.
  2. We would like to add a few more Board Members-at-Large. If interested contact Nominating Committee Chair, Joan Seiffert.
  3. We are planning a two day workshop in Spring 2020 with Jeff Georgi.
  4. We are planning a two day Fall Institute in 2020.
  5. We are using Trello to archive our information and keep track of Board meetings and workshops.
  6. By-laws will be updated.
  7. Next Board meeting is Saturday, July 27 at 9:30am on Zoom.

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2019 Board Members:
Susan Orovitz, PhD, CGP – President
Peter Millis, LCSW – President-elect
Moira Artigues, MD, CGP, PLLC – Treasurer
Esther Swim-Wright, LCSW – Secretary (graphic designer/workshop registrar/historian)
Dan Darnell, PhD – Member at large
Russ Hopfenberg, PhD, CGP, FAGPA – Member at large
Frances Patton, LMFT, D.Min – Member at large
Derek Easley, MSW, LCSW – Member at large
Brian Clougherty, MA, MDiv, NCC, LPC – Membership/Marketing Chair
Joan C. Seiffert, LCSW, CGP, PLLC – Nominations Committee Chair