CGPS Board Meeting Summary – Saturday, January 12, 2019

Attending: Brian, Dan, Russ, Joan, Peter, Esther, Susan.

I. Reports

A. Treasurer’s Report – Moira
Vanguard $1738. Account opened 5/2014 made $3111 at 6% return rate. SunTrust $3460 which includes $2600 in membership dues collected since 10/31/18.
B. Nominating Committee – Joan expressed gratitude.
1. present slate and any additions
2. vote on slate. – Slate approved.  Joan/Esther to work on ballot for next year.
C. Membership/Marketing – Susan
1. Russ restructuring membership fees
2. Monday January 14 MM committee is meeting on Zoom – Frances/Susan/Brian/Heather/Angel
3. Report on current Members – Currently there are 42 members total
4. SRAHEC contract

II. Old Business/Action

A. Scholarship Policy:
Peter-chair. Dan/Ester/Brian
January 14 Zoom meeting.
B. Workshop Checklist:
Will be complete when next workshop is scheduled.

C. Bylaws – Susan:
Marc Azoulay from ASA/AGPA Nuts and Bolts committee with work with Peter and Joan to update/revise/redo CGPS bylaws.

III. New Business/Action

A. Workshops
Two in 2019. Fat Mouth Improv and Institute.
1. Fat Mouth Improv
a. FMI is excited to do a workshop.
b. Derek will lead team: Joan/Peter/Deborah Klinger and anyone else from Fat Mouth to coordinate and develop workshop.
c. Available dates: 4/13, 4/20, 4/27; 5/4, 5/18, 5/25. Friday/Saturday.
2. Institute
Fall 2019. Derek will lead PC committee: Joan/Peter/Russ for this workshop. Sat/Sunday.
3. Jeff Georgi reschedule – Joan will contact Jeff to nail down Spring or Fall workshop for 2020.
4. Brian will fill in for Esther at workshops when Esther is not in attendance. They will work that out together.

B.   Merge/incorporate PC mtg w/ Board mtg. discussion
There will be a monthly board mtg. PC committee will report as do the other committees and have discussion as needed. PC committee will have its own smaller meetings for each workshop. Derek as PC chair will coordinate and chair these meetings and workshop committees.

IV. Next meeting:

February 9, 2019 – 9:30am – Noon.

V. Meeting Adjourned – 11:23am.

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2019 Board Members:
Susan Orovitz, PhD, CGP – President
Peter Millis, LCSW – President-elect
Moira Artigues, MD, CGP, PLLC – Treasurer
Esther Swim-Wright, LCSW – Secretary
Dan Darnell, PhD – Member at large
Russ Hopfenberg, PhD, CGP, FAGPA – Member at large
Frances Patton, LMFT, D.Min – Member at large
Brian Clougherty, MA, MDiv, NCC, LPC – Membership/Marketing Chair
Derek Easley, MSW, LCSW – Program Committee Chair
Joan C. Seiffert, LCSW, CGP, PLLC – Nominations Committee Chair
W. J. Casstevens, PhD, MSW, LCSW – IASWG NC Chapter liaison