CGPS Board Meeting Summary – Saturday, August 11, 2018

Attending: Esther, Dan, Peter, Susan, Derek, Russ
Susan chaired meeting.

I. Reports

A. Treasurer – Moira
We have about $4500 total. Our goal is to have $5000 cushion.
Our fixed expenses yearly are about $3700 (MK, SunTrust/Zoom/ASA rep).
We hope workshop expenses are at least break even w/workshop participant fees.
Moira is looking into a free business bank account.
B. Nominating Committee – Joan and Derek
President-elect nominations for 2019-2020
(President 2020-2021)
Joan and Derek are going to come up with a slate of candidates for 2019 including President-elect and Board members AFTER
surveying Board and PC committee members to see who wants to continue and who wants to give up their position.
Dan will become member at large since his Past President commitment will be completed.
Susan wants to continue with Marketing. She would like Joan/Derek to find someone to take over Membership chair.
C. Membership/Marketing – Susan
see below

II. Old Business/Action

A. Social with IASWG – Susan
Susan meeting with Ann Jones and April Parker on 8/20.
2nd planning mtg. Will be in Oct/early Nov. at CoHo. Splitting costs w/IASWG. Spend up to $300 for CGPS. Costco for some items and Foster’s catering. Do a demo group? Susan has plastic/paper products. Purpose of social is to see about co-sponsoring workshops and getting to know another organization also interested in Groups.
B. Asheville followup:
Send handout and photos to all on the spreadsheet and include CGPS links. Susan/Derek will take care of this.
C. Social Jukebox:
Susan will see if Brian can take this on after Georgi workshop.
D. Marketing Georgi workshop
1. Psychology Today website – CD therapists in N and SC.
Susan worked w/ Brian C to do this task.
2. Susan advertising weekly on Social Media
4 listservs; 5 FB pages; LinkedIn; Twitter; Group Circle; AGPA calendar.
E. Group Circle
Susan placing an entry in every edition.
F. Possible venues to check out for future workshops.
1. DIM. Meg van Staveren – Derek
2. Rizzo Center in CH – Derek
3. Zen center in Asheville – Derek
4. UNC school of social work – already in the works – Derek
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III. New Business/Action

A. Susan attending ASA mtg on Zoom 9-10:30pm Sunday evening.
B. Future Board mtg. discussions:
1. Membership – how to increase membership; how to capitalize on our unspoken mission to support psychotherapists’
interest in personal and professional growth and excellence through authentic interpersonal/meaningful engagement in our workshops which include our experiential groups. Deep connections can be made over time especially for people who continually attend our workshops.
2. Scholarship policy and procedure
3. Workshop checklist
4. Peter’s idea of Institute instead of speaker at a CGPS workshop

IV. Next meeting:
September 8, 2018 at Susan’s house at 9:30am. PC then Board mtg.

V. Meeting Adjourned

Next meeting: September 8, 2018 at Susan’s house at 9:30am. PC then Board mtg.

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Board Members:
Susan Prez
Dan Past Prez
Moira Treasurer
Esther Secretary
Russ Member at large
Peter Member at large
Tom Member at large
Brian C: Volunteer

Derek PC Committee Chair
Esther: Workshop Coordinator
Steven S: Book Exchange
Members: Susan, Tom, Dan, Joan, Russ

Joan Nominations Committee Chair
Members: Derek

Steering Committee for Membership
Susan, Meg, Moira, Tom, Brian C

Steering Committee for Marketing
Susan, Esther, Dan, Derek(SRAHEC), Brian C